GPN Debit Card


National Payment Gateway (NPG) system is a government program through Bank Indonesia to apply  a system that integrates the nationwide payment instruments and channels, to enable interoperability (enable to be used in other institution’s infrastructures) and interconnectivity (connect to support electronic transaction among switching institution) of all retail domestic transactions  

In line with Bank Indonesia Regulation, every customer is required to have at least one ATM and/or Debit Card with National Logo which is issued by one of issuing banks in Indonesia.

In order to achieve the goal of such program, Commonwealth Bank has participated in the issuing of Commbank NPG Debit Card.

Terms and Conditions:


  • Applicable for individual customers (Indonesian or foreign citizen)
  • A customer can only have one ATM and/or Debit Card. A customer can choose either Regular ATM/Debit Card or Commbank NPG Debit Card . In the case of customer would have a Commbank NPG Debit Card , thus the regular one  need to be terminated.

Benefit :

  1. Make Shopping Easier.
  2. Shop using Commbank NPG Debit Card, no need to bring cash

  3. Free of Charge

    You will not be charges for any purchase transaction by using of Commbank NPG Debit Card

  4. Broader Network All Over Indonesia.

    With broader interconnected network, Commbank NPG Debit Card can be used in any ATM and EDC (Merchants) machines cross the country

  5. Support Government Program.

    You are participating to succeed the government program by supporting the independence of domestic purchase transactions

Visit the nearest Commonwealth Bank Branch to apply Commbank NPG Debit Card or any detail inquiry please contact Call Commbank 15000 30